Saturday, December 18, 2010

Michigan History Caches

Anybody from Michigan want to check out these listings? Consider leaving your comments on which
ones are your favorites.

The Detroit Institute of Arts by Detroit Institute of Arts (GC2F8WQ)

SQ – Rogue, Rebel, Renegade by Rattrak (GC2CGRC)

Clinton Twp. Historical Village by Rattrak (GC27HNR)

SQ – Lewis Cass by Rattrak (GC24DE7)

SQ – William Austin Burt by Rattrak (GC24DE5)

SQ – Detroit’s #1 Don by Rattrak (GC229CX)

SQ – Motown 1 by Rattrak (GC1YVQ9)

SQ – Champlain St. Cemetery by Rattrak (GC1NHBF)

WDC – SQ - Rock & Roll by Rattrak (GC1ENN4)

SQ - Historic Conner Creek by Rattrak (GC17TYV)

The Bowling Green Fault by Metroparks Toledo (GC14VGG)

Shores of Lake Algonquin by Rattrak (GC13K3K)

Baby! by Rattrak (GC129NZ)

SQ – Son House by Rattrak (GC11J16)

142nd PA Infantry by ckroh adopted by xquid (GCA24F)

19th Century Commerce by TandemBiker (GCCB15)

A Capitol Hike by MiTuCats (GCJ1N6)

Adams Road Mastodon by South Lyon Trekkers (GC1WGFJ)

All Aboard by Fr8ers (GC7C95)

All We Are Saying... by edward applebee (GCK3MT)

America's First by Lawnboy (GCFD6A)

An Admirable Admiral by Hard Oiler (GCMWR4)

An Early Explorer by Kuldesak and KK (GC8446)

A Plethora of Plaques by Hard Oiler (GCKTH1)

Appearances are Deceiving by Kat&Opa&PK (GCHQDR)

April 13, 1961 by AndyCan / JoGPS (GC43B7)

A Short Tour of Paw Paw by shamrock bones (GCRXYX)

A Step Back in Time by Wolcott Mill Metropark and Teamchevcoy (GCPAYK)

A Stroll Through Town by Jennifer (GCACC2)

A Tragic Day in May by MiTuCats (GCG0HC)

Bell's Tavern Cache by neverfind (GCWPBK)

Byrd House by KyWildturkey (GC7CCE)

Can you take your Lumps? by Lois and Clark (GCK8ZM)

"CASPERS GHOST" by TN BountyHunters (GC999A)

Chicago's Water Tower by baloo&bd (GCMDAX)

Clinton Trail by PDWADS (GC8DC8)

Cos-scut-e-nong-sebee by Stan&Ruth (GC60EE)

Cruisin' Gratiot - Between the Gratiots by peepz (GCTEQZ)

Delaware Indians 1785-86 by Lawnboy (GC7A0F)

Dust to Dust by Screechowl (GCG6J9)

Edward Drummond Libbey by -BarnStormers- (GCM7GH)

Eight was enough by Ole paint & Co. (GCGFH6)

Ferrum Equinus by datum (GC8105)

Fowlerville - Now and Then by Jimmy System (GC2E2KR)

Ft. Meigs by Good Dog (GCAC1D)

Gangsters Final Hideaway by The Geomancers (GC26C4)

General of the Armies by Salvo (GC8348)

Geology at Black Hawk State Historic Site by Waterfallfrog (GC1576X)

GeoPig's Potato Cache by geopigs (GCTPN5)

Great Americans - Polar Bear Expedition by The Conman (GC2352K)

GR History #4 - I-296 by Tikibirds (GC16H4W)

Ham Town Hide by Brummelbear (GC1TNAV)

Henry's Place by Tandembiker (GC9AD1)

Historical Sidney: The Silver Rails Cache by Bangkok Kid (GCT8YE)

History of Delta Township #1 by Team MEMILA (GC24346)

History of Delta Township #2 by Team MEMILA (GC27D92)

History of Delta Township #3 by Team MEMILA (GC2BQYN)

Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight by Team Purdy (GCHR9P)

I can see Lincoln by Robert L and Dawn L N Dutra (adopted by mtn-man) (GC2657)

International First by Fr8ers (GCCD6C)

Johnny's Cash by Southpaw (GCJE17)

Jump Upon a Time by MightyMac & PureCache (GCVRD4)

Ladies First by TeamSandrich & KD the WonderDog (GCJW51)

LaPlaisance by Tandembiker (GCBEA4)

Little Round Top by Fireguy15 (GC161PZ)

Lost Town of Fiborn by Team Crayfish (GCKKB5)

Love Canal, Superfund Birthplace by MickEMT, A Platinum Earthcache Master (GC1BQN4)

Love Shack by Onestep off (GCBA98)

Middle of the Mitten WebCam Cache by cache_catchers7 (GCH48P)

Mission Hill Cemetery by trashcan (GCGGE9)

Monguagon by Stan&Ruth (GCN613)

Navarre Anderson Trading Post by Lawnboy (GCFF98)

Nucquette's Rest by K9&Purr (GC8EF6)

Okemos by Pat Scott & Tom Stoney (GC3A69)

old hickory powder plant by sis (GC8AF0)

One Small Step for Everyone by ohiohistory (GCVZBQ)

Palm Sunday Cache by suebabe (adopted by Bgf) (GC4BAE)

Pelee Lighthouse Stash by squatch (GCK9QC)

Pennies for the General by Sebastian (GCWD1T)

Port Challenge II - by Team Namthcof (GC10DMH)

"Rally behind the Virginians" by Dragon Master (GC184B)

Roche De Boeuf by Good Dog (GC9D31)

Roche de Boeuf Rock by Jimmy System with Special K (GC140TX)

Rochester Runabout 2: The Historical Tour by surferacf (GC18TJ7)

Shaeffer/Campbell Covered Bridge by RAGE XN (GC1GFBR)

SQ - "Hi-Yo Silver, Away!" by Team Rumble (GC1E98F)

SQ FINDING ODIN'S RUNES by TeSQ - Projecting "Back To The Future" by Team Rumble (GC1E97P)

am Rumble (GC167RR)

SQ - Mt. Olivet Cemetery Tour by tonybrost (GC215CH)

SQ - Perrin by Firefly03 (GC153J3)

SQ-Red Fox Trail by Good Dog (adopted by The Moop Along) (GC9EDF)

SQ The Real McCoy by Team Rumble (GC17D3R)

SQ - "The" Supreme by Team Rumble (GC1ENRC)

SQ - Wauseon History Lesson by BlackBrownDog (GCPBTH)

The Actor Really Did Break A Leg by Duc996 (GC8B0C).

The Baldoon Mystery Cache by Hard Oiler (GCM3CG)

The Gateway to Freedom by ixist (GCJH56)

The Leader of the Brave by Big Red Dog (GCH4BA)

The view of an "Honest Man" by wv-explorers (GCEB2)

Thirty-Eighth President by Jeepster (GC13MDG)

Wanna Take a Bath?? by Fr8ers (GCC58F)


Wright-Flyer III by Mr and Mrs World Traveler (GCBF60)